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Why my google adsense account is disabled?

Today's question is asked by Mr. Shakir Hameed, His question is

SIR can you tell me about google adsence why they closed my account within a week when i create new account then they disable my ads within a week. What is the mistack in my blog can you explain me thanks.

Answer: Google Adsense now changed it's policy of new adsense account approval. When you submit your application google asks about your website address, your full name, payee name and address. Google review your application twice, first it review that your application is correct and applicant is not applying for another account. if google finds that every thing is fine it gives you the permission to open an account.

After the first approval google sends you an e-mail that now you can place google adsense code on your website. Applicant think that his / her adsense account is approved but it;s not true. Google review for the content quality, website language, quality traffic on your website when you paste adsense code on your website.

After pasting the code google analyze the traffic, content quality, and check language of the website. If any one of these do not match with the google adsense policy than google reject the account. Generally google reject account for new websites so make sure that your website is atleast six month old when you apply for google adsense.

What to do now?

If your account is disapproved after second round of review don't worry there is always a hope. Start adding quality and original content to your website. Try to maximize your site visitors and after six month again apply for the adsense account.

Hope you get your answer. If you have more doubts comment here.